Mission Uplift Indonesia

 This project is situated in Jakarta, Indonesia. It aims to

  • help young unmarried mothers
  • provide them with a sale place and care during pregnancy and birth of their child

Some mothers are as young as 14 years old and have become pregnant through rape, prostitution or their husbands leaving them.

Founder: Mavis Pardede

Born in Adelaide, met and married her Indonesian husband, Pontas, at AOG Bible College in Australia. Although her husband passed away in 2009 Mavis has continued to work in Indonesia for over 35 years.

Core DNA of the work

To show love and acceptance to young Indonesian women who find themselves pregnant and their babies and children, by meeting practical needs.

Orphanage (Based in Jakarta)

In May 2000 a new ministry was commenced to young women who through many different circumstances found themselves pregnant and unmarried. Under Muslim law this is deserving of death by stoning. To help these young women, a safe place was set up for them to be cared for during their pregnancy and the birth of their child. 

Alongside this work they have established an orphanage for the babies born into the program. While some of the babies have been adopted and some have been able to return with the mother to her family, there are currently 35 babies and toddlers in residence.


For more information visit www.worldfamilies.org.au