Bonga Medical Centre

Project Manager: Sandi Petersen

This project supports the Jimma Hospital/University deliver Prosthetic Services to BOnga and the many small villages out from Bonga in the Kaffa region, southwest Ethiopia.

The first clinic saw 54 people flood in from nowhere, and I am advised that as news spreads, they think there will be a further 150-500 people coming for help. Bonga is in a rural area with many villages reached only by foot out from there. Most people in rural areas do not have a cash income, so they can't pay for a bus fare to get to Jimma where the hospital is, nor pay for a prosthetic leg, crutches, prosthetic shoes or arm. Yet to live without a leg/arm limits their capacity to fetch water, walk to school, grow food, work to support themselves and their families, or just walk to be with friends or relitives. There are no roads or cars in the outer villages. Some of thse people are victims of landmines 10 years ago, others are burns victims, injuries from fallen trees, or were born with club foot or other disabilities.

Prosthetic 'above knee leg' = $161
Prosthetic 'belor knee leg' = $85
A splint (like for polio victims) = $24
Crutches = $7



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