Soles4Souls Shoe Distribution 2013 - Tanzania

During May 2013, I was lucky enough to join Soles4Souls America and The Butterfly Movement (now Soles4Souls Australia) in a 10 day shoe distribution to Tanzania. Our group of 10 Australians and 5 Americans flew from Dar Es Salaam up to Kigoma where we spent 10 days visiting youth centres, schools and kindergartens where we sized and washed the students, teachers and mothers feet to then fit them with one of the many pairs of shoes that had been sent over from both America and Australia.

For over a year before this trip, I had been involved in The Butterfly Movement here in Adelaide, Australia, where I helped to collect, pair up and pack into boxes, thousands of pairs of shoes. I got involved with The Butterfly Movement by chance, and am so lucky to have been given this opportunity to volunteer and be involved in such a fanastic movement and project. Just recently, The Butterfly Movement has changed its name to Soles4Souls Australia and work with Soles4Soles in America to collect, ship and distribute shoes around the world.

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Youth Centre for homeless, drug addicts and mentally retarded. Our first distribution.